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(a conversation between the slenderbeing Archer, and Offenderman)

ask-archer-the-slender asked: *He looks at the larger Slender with a curious frown, humming in thought*
"You know what Offender? The fedora and trench coat is making me wonder that you are in fact nearly 100 years old. But I might be over thinking this here."

Smexy:I think a better way to go about thinking about this is, if it were true, then that would mean the guy old enough to be your great grandpa is still partying harder and getting way more ass than you.

Archer: "I’m just curious to why you get so touchy when people ask your age. And most older men tend to fly off the handle over that question."
*folds arms frowning*
"And for the record having sex isn’t something you should treat as a scoreboard. Even so, I get plenty myself with the right ladies.~"

Chloe: Liar…

Archer: *Shoots a glare at her*

Smexy:Heh, a good mentality to have for someone so outta the game they wouldn’t even be on the scoreboard.
*he says teasingly*

Archer: "Hey, I have like, forever to bed any lady I want. I just choose not to, and I don’t treat it like a game."
*shifts a bit* "Anyway… about your age…"

Smexy:Lady, or man that you want.
*he corrects*
I mean seriously, our species is like 70% male. Lot of us even just straight up have “man” in our name.
Probably best you lower your expectations that you’re gonna be able to pick up a chick every time now instead of later.
Besides, lot of us can change our genders for awhile if we really want to anyway, so it really doesn’t matter all that much to begin with.
Also what about my age?

Archer: "I could have my way with the ladies if I felt greedy enough…"
*he mumbled quietly with his head low, thinking for a moment about it. He then jerked up looking back at the Offenderman*
"Yeah… I’m more than sure you are over 50 or something here. You don’t REALLY blend in with clothes like that, they seem… old fashioned."

Smexy: You’d think that wouldn’t you.

Archer: "You could of died young and lived as a Slender for years. Mind you I’m more curious to how long we can live as we are now. And since you don’t look that physically old it’s hard to judge." *shrugs*

Smexy: Well how long have you been a slender being for?

Archer: "Let’s see…"
*thinks deeply staring at nothing*
"It’s been about 3 winters now…"
*looks back at him cocking his head*
"4 years? Maybe 5, I’m still getting to grips with things, like how to control them things are that keep sprouting out my back, at the worst of times might I add. I found myself stuck in one spot for three hours just trying to figure out how to get them to stop gripping onto things. Not as easy as it looks."
*Smiles a little embarrassed*

Smexy: Yeah, it take’s awhile to adjust to having so many extra limbs. Although for me, it took quite a few months to even figure out I had them in the first place, It was about the time I had to leave my apartment and start living on the streets.

For the first month or so I had been a slender being, I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I had just holed myself up in my place and burned through whatever drugs I had left while I experimented with my new ability’s...
And I ended up making my entire apartment block ill with slender sickness, even killing some of the neighbors who lived closest to me with it, along with the one’s who I just made “mysteriously disappear” to help keep myself entertained.

Before long my apartment building was condemned, people assuming the sickness and deaths must have been caused by some toxic building materials or particularly dangerous mold or whatever, so I burned most of my things and moved on.
With so much free time on my hands and less and less of an excuse to convince myself to stay cautious and secretive with any of this, I started getting in a lot more fights, and found out I could grow tendrils in the middle of one of these fights when I felt the need to murder more than just one or two at a time.
And I thought they were the coolest thing ever.

Although it was also around this time that I found out I had developed a nasty habit of killing people when I was asleep as well.
Sometimes just being absent minded or startled was enough for me to attack someone, and all the people who I had convinced or otherwise bullied into giving me a place to stay ended up dead, along with some of the last people to have known me as a human enough to recognition me on the street.
So I just stopped trying to stay with people altogether for a long time.
I quickly fell into a pattern of just killing and occasionally fucking before killing whoever I thought wouldn’t be missed up until I felt like stopping, then sitting alone by myself for hours waiting until I felt like killing again, or else all my various injuries had healed, and practicing using my powers to help pass the time until that happened.

After all, at the time, I didn’t know what sort of powers I had really gained from being turned into a slender being, or what their limits were.
And since I had scared away the only other slenderbeing I had ever met barely twenty minutes after I was first turned, I had no way of finding out beyond trial and error.
So I just went with the assumption there weren’t any limits, and it was just a matter of wanting something really bad and practicing how to use it well.
After all, I had wanted to kill the guy shooting at me from behind, and I had grown all these extra limbs, I had wanted a way to keep my mouth from healing shut and I had grown teeth to help keep it open, I wanted to know what people were thinking, and I could read minds, I wanted to track down where my latest kill had disappeared to, and I could smell where they had went, I wanted to murder the people who had killed me, and I was able to teleport right to their doorstep.

And while I did learn a lot in that time, especially teaching myself how to heal people so I wouldn’t have to face the consequences of all the people I would kill unintentionally, mostly what this meant for me was sitting alone in whatever cold, abandoned building I had wound up in that day and doing things like teaching my tentacles how to juggle, or spending hours turning the lights on and off from across the room with my powers while recovering from a shotgun wound to the chest.

There, should be plenty for you to think about. Now you gonna quit pestering me about how old I am?

Archer: *He took comfort in leaning against a wall with his arms folded, his attention completely wrapped in Offender’s speech. His mind racing, but he felt reluctant to speak. Offender’s open words caught him off guard, he wasn’t expecting to hear such things. He can almost relate to this… almost. Realizing his pause, Archer rose his head and gave a slight nod.*
"… Shall we get a drink?"

*Offender let out a slightly annoyed, tired sounding sigh*
Smexy:…Nah, Ive got better things to do then fuck a liquored up you again. I mean, getting you recovered enough afterwards that it’s like it never happened in the first place takes about a whole day’s effort on it’s own, and by that time you’re ready to party and get stone drunk again, so I also gotta make time for the partying from which you get to walk away unmolested and with your hazy hangover memories intact.

I just don’t feel in the mood for it.

And before you try and complain about me taking the option to just sit around and chat with you over a drink like an average Joe,
Let’s just say I’m not in the mood for sitting around pretending I don’t want any sex for however many hours you can keep up a conversation in order to make you feel better.

Archer: *His fingers drummed against his folded arms, some of Offender’s words clearly ticking him off as his brows furrowed into a scowl. He want to so badly snap at the other, to deny what he just said, but instead huffed through his hidden nostrils calmly*
"Well… in that case I better leave while the night is young."

Smexy: be my guest.
*he says as he takes out a cigarette and lights it before saying almost teasingly *
Although if you’re  really so desperate for my company you could stick around until intermission.
But not after the show, that’s saved for when I fuck the actors and/or the theater crew.

Archer: *He shivers at a thought*
"N-no… I’m good, since you’re busy with your unwanted ‘donations’ to the theater staff."
*He shifts on the spot, head tilting up giving Offender a stern look*
"Mind you… they are good honest people… couldn’t you just let it slide tonight?"
Nope! So unless you’re planning to watch the musical “Hairspray” with me…..   Scram.

Archer: *scowls and leaves without another word, a hateful pace to his walk*

(The slenderbeing "Raverman" who has musical powers and a theme, encounters Offenderman)

Raver: *Slinking and stumbling over to the other slender, Raver offered a bottle of an un-identified liquid*
"Oh shit~ man you gots ta try this... it's like I'm floating on a rainbow~!"
*he chuckled, losing his footing as he fell forward, smacking into a pole and chuckling stupidly, a plastered grin meeting Offender as he raised a hand up to the sky, laughing stupidly*
"Oh howdy dandy, a tutu fairy~!"

Smexy:*a big grin split across his face*
Yeah, I’m the magical tutu fairy,
*he says reaching into his coat*
You want some of my pretty rainbow magic?
*he says, holding out a handful of bright, neon colored roses*

Raver: *Raver put a hand to his chin, thinking about the situation*
"Don’t you… hic … don’t you do something ta people…? Ehhh~ I can’t remember… Oh! Ummm… Sexual Offenderman, right? So you… rape people, don’tcha?"
*he sat up, peering at Offender curiously as his mind clouded with a haze*
"Ummm… oh wait! No, he said “Remember not to take the rose”, so umm… what now, what now…?
*he steadied himself as he stood up again, slurring his words*
"Oh! I remember! D’ya wanna go to a partyin’ with lil’ ol’ me~?"
* he hunched over, another fit of laughter coming over him*

Smexy:*his smile turned into a scowl as he snatched raver up by the lapels of his hoody, then threw him at a nearby wall with enough force to crack the brick, before he teleported over to Raver, grasping him by the neck and pinning him to the wall with one hand before he even had time to fall to the ground after the impact. Offenders other hand still holding the handful of roses, he lifted them up in front of Render’s face and said with a low growl*
T̴̖͈̭͚̙̻͓a̭̮̺̫͠k̺̭̰̦̀ḙ̻̥͟ ̱͓̜͓̣t̰̟̗h̪̗͚̗e͔͍̻͓̘͜ ̶̠͉̲̹̥͚F̬͍͚U̼̘͙͈͝ͅC͎̹̜K̝̞͎̯͠I̝̤͝N̳G ̨̰̬Ro͉͕͕̙̦̠s̴͖e̲͇͓.̶̘̰̥͙̝..̮̬͇.̱̟́…

Raver:"Oh shit oh shit oh shit"
*Raver thought to himself, gasping for air as he struggled away from the roses*
"ACK- F-Fuck! Offend- cough Offender… there… there’ll be babes at the party you can… cough fuck. Just… just let me fucking go."
*a high pitched ringing filled Offender’s ears as Raver struggled for breath, drawing blood from Offender’s hands as he tried to pry them away from his throat*

Smexy:*the struggling just made his grip tighten all the more, his ferocious scowl turning into a sadistic grin as his long white tendrils grew from his back, the normally rather blunt tips of the tendrils sharpening and stiffening like spear heads*

*Raver struggled against the other’s grip more, lashing out with his tendrils to send Offender away as an ear-splitting sound that seemingly emanated from the air around them, rattling the doors and windows, sending small portraits crashing to the ground. Raver fell to his knee, one keeping him upright as he rubbed his neck and coughed*
"And… cough … here I thought… Cough … here I thought we HAD something goin’… cough … guess not…"
*a half-hearted grin escaped his lips as he looked over at the enraged Offender*

Smexy:*Offender got to his feet, his focus not leaving Raver as his lips split back open to let off a low growl, before suddenly teleporting away, or at least, that’s what it had seemed at first. Raver barely had the time to feel the hands grasp his skull before his head was suddenly jerked to the side with a loud crack!  as Offender broke his neck.*

*Raver was surprised by the assault, gasping quickly before he went rigid, falling to the floor. He was left immobile and unconscious on the ground, getting glimpses of what was happening at random intervals. Every time Raver tried to wake up, it seemed like something would just put him back under until next time*

Smexy:*Offenders tentacles reached for Raver’s limp form, tightly wrapping themselves around his arms and legs to bind him and lifting him up in the air while Offender drug a thinner tendril across his mouth, then did the same for a second tendril, coating them in a thin layer of his healing saliva, before aiming them at Ravers chest.
with a quick movement, impaling him with them on either side of his body, one from the front, and one from the back, sliding through the area where each of his lungs would have been and then out the other side before they too wrapped around him like the other tendrils had, though drawing very little blood as they did so, and the saliva caused him to quickly heal around the invading appendages.
Though unlike his other tentacles, these tendrils were not so much for just holding him in place physically, but spatially, binding him to Offender and preventing him from being able to teleport away,with a little bit of an effect on the use of his other slender ability’s as well, but not as much.
With rave secured, Offender drew him close and gently righted his snapped neck with both hands, before drawing him in even closer and licking all around Raver’s neck with his long black tongue, distributing the healing saliva, which immediately started to heal the injury with a slight clicking noise of bone righting itself, though Offender was quick to hold him out at a good length before it took full effect.*

*Raver gasped as his mind took hold once again, fully becoming conscious, but quickly inhaling sharply at the presence in his body*
"Huuuurk… cough cough O-Offender… wha… what are you doing…?"
*he looked up at the taller being, black blood slipping from the corners of his mouth*
"Just… just… cough cough Let… me go…"
*he pleaded with Offender, spitting a bit of the downpour of blood that bubbled up from inside him onto Offender in one of his coughing fits

Smexy: *His intense gaze not leaving Raver, he slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a vibrant, multicolored rose, holding out out to Raver and saying with a snarl*

Take - The - Rose…

*Raver coughed once more and sighed, lifting a weak arm up to pluck the rose from Offender’s grasp*
"Th-there… happy?"
he slumped back down, going limp as he felt the others tendrils sliding inside his chest*
"GAH! Offender, just… just let me go… please… it fuckin’ hurts like a bitch…"
Tumblr blog responses condensed-part 4
a bit of skip forward to some of the newer stuff of the blog done for the sake of it. the next one should be more of a continuation of the previous condensed tumblr stuff
Enemy Spaceship Small Police Vehicle-gif
The animation for the first of the enemies that will be appearing in the game-play demo for my chainsaw spaceship computer game.

Feel free to critique and offer suggestions for how to improve the design and animation.
Chainsaw Spaceship- animated gif
Haven't uploaded anything in awhile, and this sort of thing is why.
Too busy animating for the computer game I'm making :meow: .

anyway, this is the main player ship animation so far, and how it will be appearing in the gameplay demo for the game that will be revealed during the kickstarter fundraising event when the demo is completed.

Although there will probably be another update to the design between the demo and the game itself so keep that in mind.

also critiques on this current design are welcome, so tell me what you think, and don't be afraid to go into detail or to make your criticisms harsh.


i perfer to remain anonymous
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i'm an art college student working to try and get into the entertainment industry somehow, either in movies, tv, animation, comics, or videogames. mostly i want to be one of those people who you could see in the credits of some grand piece of entertainment media if you happened to pause at the right moment. to just give a worthwhile contribution so some big popular project that i could be proud of.

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