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Triple Dog Dares by arcanineryu
Triple Dog Dares
presenting this image without context, as i could use some unbiased critiques to see whether or not i should use this as an icon for something important of mine
Flesh thief: Kneeling down next to the pale monster, she looked from him to her claws. "I wonder..." She mused quietly to herself, before pushing a single claw deep into his chest, letting it sink it all the way to her knuckle. At first, nothing happened, but then millions of tiny spikes began to push out, branching from beneath his skin, originating from the claw. Spreading through him like a voracious bacteria, tasting him and binding the being to her so that he could not teleport away if he abruptly woke.

Offenderman: *she immediately began to feel a burning sensation, like she had dipped her finger into slightly watered down battery acid, the feeling continuing as she spread out under his skin, which likewise felt softer than she had expected, like his muscles, tendons, and flesh were only barely holding themselves together enough to maintain his shape, although on the flip side, his healing seemed immensely aggressive, the spikes twisting and bending, some even snapping under the strain as his system tried to forcibly reject the intrusions, although she noticed that this was mostly towards the surface of his body, as the deeper it was, the more acidic it got, and the less stable-and more liquid-like his internal structures seemed to be *

Flesh thief: The burning was bearable, but not enough so to continue such intrusions currently. Waiting for the caustic biting to finish, she finally withdrew her hand. Missing the claw that had delved into the alabaster skin, tainted steam rising  up into the air. Expeditiously, new flesh reconstituted itself along the damaged digit. In no time at all, a fresh claw was made, like it had never been damaged in the first place, just like the now healed skin of the Slender.

“Such an fascinating reaction…”

This time, she shoved in all five talons, all the way up to the very last of her knuckles. Pain did not register this go around as the hardened  talons repeated their spreading. Cutting through the mass of tissue that threatened to break them, the murky flesh healing as quickly as the burning lapped against it.

Why the Skinner had let herself get close enough to even do this, knowing the larger could wake up any moment, was anyone’s guess. Only that she continued to let her talons spider out and through the slender, searching, feeling, hunting. Spines closest to the surface becoming less common as the cutting stayed deeper inside the body. Not having to deal with the unbelievable compressing force there.

Offenderman:  *still she got no reaction out of him, although interestingly enough, with her claws having sliced through the top layers of flesh and skin and down to the more corrosive liquids deeper inside, it seemed they had opened a few channels, allowing for some of the corrosive substances to leak out and start burning the top layers of his skin faster than his healing could keep up with it, making growing black marks that spread out from the puncture points with a slight sizzling of dissolving flesh*

Flesh thief: Instinctively, the female beast leaned away, keeping her face as far from the drooling ooze as possible as it scalded the pristine white of the larger’s  flesh, her sizzled claws continuing their expedition deep inside the Slender.  Murky crevasses weaving all along his chest, following the contours, trails of steam rising to the air, carrying the distinct charring of flesh with them. A smell so pungent with rot and decay, that even the fiend could not help but gag in response, the acidity of it enough to leave  a light burn in the back of her throat.

The longer she probed, the stronger this… unpleasant feeling began to come over her. As strong as her regenerative abilities were at the moment, the female should still feel a heated tingle of her tissue being liquefied. Instead, she was getting a chill, at least, that was the only way she could describe the sensation. Invasive, wrapping around her hand and claws, picking at her, trying to worm its way in, just like the brutal cold of a harsh winter.

   Was this the cause of the Slender’s comatose-like state?
Nervous now, fearing that whatever was affecting the male would try and overtake her should it find its way inside her body, the Skinner tugged on her hand.
But it wouldn’t budge.

Once more, with gusto, she yanked, but only managed to gain an insignificant amount of ground. Now, she felt how tightly the creature’s body had woven around her digits, gripping them, locking them in place so that no matter how she struggled to free them, her claws would remained pinched and shackled there.

Thinking on it, she thought to let the defenses of the body eat away at her until she could pull free, but feared that whatever lurked inside the Slender would sneak into her as well if she did so. Sighing, resigning to her only choice, she raised her other hand to the wrist of her trapped one. Placing the bladed edge of the claws just above the joint.

Knowing the limb would grow back in a minute’s time or so, the she-beast still didn’t are to see the nub in the aftermath. Picking the spot, she pulled her arm back, tensing to swing.

Offenderman: *he just continued to lay there, oblivious to the events going on around him, although upon reflection it made sense that he wouldn’t react in any way to her intrusion, with the high level of acidity spread throughout his body, he must already be overloaded with pain. So much so that no doubt any more pain or other sensations would easily go unnoticed in comparison*

Flesh thief:  Just as she was about to lop off her limb, an idea struck, inspired by the tiny rivers of black that trickled down his body. One that could end in disaster or get her unstuck without self harm. Because, honestly, who wants to willingly chop off their own arm? Glancing down at the Slender, ghostly orbs flickering in their abyssal sockets, the fiend’s  secondary set of arms manifested like writhing ink taking shape. Identical to the first pair in every way.

   Handling the Slender like he was giant, limp mass of gelatin, trying to keep  a careful hold on him despite the immense dead weight, she set him down on his side, propping his shoulder against the alley wall. His head lulled down and forward against his inner shoulder, causing his hat to slip off. Forgotten, for the moment.

   Now, with her other primary hand, the fiend aimed her talons parallel to her trapped fingers, flicking her gaze between his expressionless face and her talons. Hyper-aware of everything at the moment. Ready to  react the moment the Slender woke. If, he woke. The razor edges flashed in the darkened light of the alley. In a single, swift stroke, she gutted the Slender like a freshly caught salmon like it was nothing.

From collarbone to  naval, more of the repugnant slime slithered out,  gushing down his side, burning him, corroding the ground and his coat along with anything else it crept upon, leaving a disgusting crackling noise in its wake. Now she waited to see if the substance would burn her free, if it would melt the pale flesh that bound her to him quickly. Otherwise, she was going to have to try something else.

Offenderman: *tugging as soon as the black ooze reached her embedded digits, she was able to get her claws free, but it was a good thing she had done so quickly, as before her eyes she saw the cut she had made seemingly sprout teeth and seal itself back up like a zipper almost as fast as the wound had been made, the skin over top quickly healing shut as the acid was dispersed, though the pool of it on the ground sill sizzled beneath him *

Flesh thief:   Lurching back, her feet shuffling beneath her crouched form, the Skinner found herself free of the Slender’s unconscious death grip. Barely catching a glimpse of the alabaster flesh sealing itself shut. Pointed canines lining the edges as they gridlocked back together-as if there had never been an incision there to begin with.

   Carefully scrutinizing her claws, checking for any lingering damage, the fiend let out a hushed sigh. Nothing seemed out of place as far as she could tell…. Unenthused, the hand dropped limply to her side. Returning her unholy gaze upon the Slender, a growl gripped the female’s throat. Frustrated by her fruitless efforts, discovering nothing about the male other than that he was most likely sick. Which was hardly a note worthy feat.

   Finished with her invasive exploration, the Skinner aimed her sights to the emptied streets at the end of the ally, her feet beginning to shift in that direction. But not before an massive sickle came crashing down on the white monster. Spearing deep into the being’s shoulder, serrated teeth sawing into the flesh there brutally; the immense blade protruding from the warped end of the Skinner’s writhing tail.

   Dragging him through the corrosive liquid and muck, Flesh-Thief threw the Slender, whipping the limb to send him sailing deeper into the alleyway. The force of such a throw nearly tearing the limb clean off as it detached from the crude scythe. Black blood sprayed everywhere as she listened to the body flop and crash into the ground, enjoying the sharp crack of what was most likely bone breaking against concrete. Not once offering a single glance back at the sickly menace as she sauntered away. Looking for better entertainment.

Offenderman: *and so he laid there, his body quickly healing from the wounds she had caused, to await the next visitor to poke at his unconscious form, this time, another slender being, who sat down on the unconscious Offendermans chest and began to munch on an apple*

Archer: *sits on Offender's chest munching an apple contently, occasionally looking at the other Slender's face to see if he will stir. He frowned feeling a strange sense of pity for the unconscious brute, well, only a little bit. But continued eating none the less*

Offenderman:*he had only barely sat down for a few moments when suddenly felt a slight twitch of movement from underneath him, followed by a sickening cracking noise coming from the unconscious slender-beings chest, as if bones were being shifted around beneath the skin*

Archer: *jumps back onto his feet like a startled cat, almost choking on his apple while doing it. He thumped on his chest trying to steady his coughing, noticing something odd about his bare chest. It looked unnatural almost. Was Offender suffering from an internal injury? For better or worse Archer knelt down next to him to study it further with a focused frown*

Offender: *before his eyes he saw offenders chest shift back into a more natural shape with another sickening noise, while soon after Archer could feel a presence appear in the air as Offender’s consciousness seemed to turn on like a broken old TV, all at once at first with a startling burst of color and noise, before refining as the static cleared and focused somewhat, though things still felt vague and rather off with it. the consciousness focusing, Archer could tell that it’s attention was getting focused on him, and he really didn’t like it.

after another moment or two of stillness, Offender suddenly lurched up into a sitting position with an almost unnatural rag doll look to the clumsy, jerky movement, his head still hanging limp against his chest as though he had no control over his neck, and his arms hanging just as limply beside him.

Archer started to hear a hissing, no, more like a sizzling noise starting to come from the slender being, Archers gaze quickly finding the source of the noise as the black stain that was starting to form over where Offenders mouth would normally be, coming into even greater view as he suddenly lurched to his feet, as Archer could make out that the skin around Offenders teeth was literally dissolving away in patches as whatever corrosive substance he was holding in his mouth leaked between his teeth.

Offenders body proportions shifted creepily along with his movements in unsettling, disproportionate bursts of change that looked painful just to watch, becoming longer, thinner, and more bestial, quickly towering over Archer in even such a quick amount of time and Offenderman stumbled forward to brace himself against the opposite wall.

Claws digging into the brick wall his shoulders heaved and Offenderman vomited, dumping out what almost looked like buckets of inky black goo, which sizzled when it made contact with the floor beneath him, chunks of black sizzling flesh or worrying size being able to be seen in the growing puddle of corrosive black material, his shoulders and back muscles occasionally heaving as he vomited up another batch of the stuff, each one seeming to have more chunks of flesh then the last, as Archer stood there horrified, yet still unable to look away as he watched the older slender-being literally puke his guts out to the sound of brick and asphalt dissolving under the black goo*

Archer: *He remained frozen save for his heavy, startled breathing as he gawks at the older Slender. The vomiting of acid was one thing, but the sudden change of Offender’s appearance was something else.
It was a gave reminder of the creatures they really are. Archer swallowed thickly around his tongue, watching Offender seemingly catch his breath. He felt like he should do something, anything to help but was failing to think of any ways to. Not only that… the deformed look of the elder’s body was enough to make his hesitate, and freeze like a deer.*

Offenderman: *he gave a few last dry heaves before turning his attention back over to Archer with a look that was nothing short of horrific.

The acid had burned away most of his face, leaving an inky black, meaty looking face that was given a skeletal appearance by his massive set of pearly white teeth that rimmed his open, panting mouth, which also appeared especially empty with his mostly burned away gums, and the larger hole reaching all the way trough his bottom jaw where his tongue, with Archer even being able to trace back along the slender beings neck where the acid had apparently burned a few holed through his esophagus, and was now leaking the corrosive black substance down his collarbones as well in thin burning lines.

But most noticeable of all would have to have been the vivid pink irises that looked inflamed, fractured even, with small veins of it burned away with damage from the acid, and with heavily dilated pupils that still eerily focused their gaze on Archer.

Shifting his stance a bit, he turned to face Archer, rearing up from his previously hunched over state to a height of about nine to ten feet tall, even with the light crouch he still had, his body structure having taken on a bit more of a four legged stance like a bear, or maybe a gorilla or something, and taking in a deep breath, before slamming down on all fours and letting loose a loud furious roar at Archer as a swarm of white tentacles snaked from his back and started to thrash threateningly.

Archer: *He leapt back at the roar as he stared wide-eyed (if they could been seen) at the inhuman creature, dropping his apple core.
He has seen his fair share of Slender horrific moments enough to traumatize a human for life, but nothing prepared him for this. Archer could just simply teleport away from it all, but if he leaves, then who will be the one to suffer Offender’s wrath? Something was going on within the elder Slender, Archer just had to find out why, almost reluctantly staying put.
He felt himself wandering into a pit of fear as he ogled at the beast before him, his limbs shaking a bit as he raised a hand towards Offender keeping a low posture.

The last thing Archer wants to do is make any sudden movements, but he was far too close to the creature for comfort. And began to slowly back away, gently clearing his throat.*
*Was all he could muster out quietly to the other in his shaken deadpan voice, his back finally hitting the wall behind him*

Offenderman: *before he had barely even taken two steps back away from Offender, he lunged forward, knocking him to the ground, covering Archer in droplets of the acidic black goo that burned whatever clothing or skin it touched, and holding him there with one of his large clawed hands as he simultaneously sunk his teeth into Archers still outstreached arm, and with a sudden upward movement of his head and a sickening ripping of flesh, he tore Archers arm clean off, and in two bites, he had swallowed the arm, the chunks moving sickeningly past the holes in his neck as he swallowed them*

Archer: *His chest heaved as he started hyperventilating in shock, his remaining hand grasping at the other’s huge wrist in desperation. His breathing had turn husky from all the screaming in agony he did moments before while his heels of his trainers dug at the ground. The arm was ripped clean from it’s socket leaving nothing more than fleshy black stump, although healing, the burning pain still remained. He couldn’t think straight within his panicked struggling, he wanted to just teleport away like he always does when frightened. But Archer wasn’t just frightened, he was terrified as his gaze met Offender’s.*

Offenderman: *Shifting his stance slightly to more effectively pin Archer to the ground, with his other hand getting placed over one of his feebly kicking legs, and him leaning on his arms with enough weight that Archers ribcage started to creak under the pressure as he leaned over, opening his huge maw to take a bite out of Archers soft midsection, droplets of the acid burning as they dripped out his maw while his teeth tore through the shirt and hoodie archer wore, teeth gracing the skin beneath as he ripped through the fabric, though his teeth got caught in Archers metal belt buckle, causing Offendermans head to quickly pull back as he ripped apart the clothing and pulled the belt out of Archers pant loops, quickly dropping the mess of fabric to sink his teeth deep into archers flesh. Each tooth could be felt clearly as it punctured the flesh of his bare stomach, a few of them even scraping past the bones of Archers ribcage as Offender bit down.

But before he could bring his teeth together and cut a clean chunk out of Archers internal organs, he suddenly pulled back with a lurch, teeth only barely ripping out of Archers midsection, leaving mostly puncture marks rather than the longer wounds which could of allowed for his organs to start become distressingly external, as Offender turned his attention away and started vomiting up the acidic black goo again, which no doubt contained partially digested chunks of Archers arm, but he didn’t have time to dwell on that as a long white tendril of Offenders wrapped itself around Archers leg, picked him up, and flung him forcefully to the side.

Although with Offenders height, this was enough to let Archer just barely clear the roof of the 2-story building that made up one side of the alleyway, though his leg got a nasty scrape as it grazed the edge of the brick building, and it took two or three awkward rolls before he finally came to a stop, flopping onto his back as blood steadily flowed from the wounds on his stomach and the stump of his missing arm, he was starting to lose consciousness fast, but his vision was just clear enough to see a white clawed hand dig its nails into the roof a few yards from where he lay, and start hauling it’s owner up onto the roof after him.

Archer: *He wheezed and coughed, his stomach burning in pain clearly not pleased with Archer’s sudden rough moment as he attempted to stand in panic. Clutching his bleeding abdomen he managed to balance himself to his feet nearly tipping backwards while at it, his heart racing a mile along with his breathing. He shook his head quickly trying to wake his sluggish eyes, noticing Offender on the far side of the roof.

It was like a scenario, Offender was the oncoming train and Archer had to move, or die. Archer was far too weak and injured to teleport. He turned away from Offender and sprinted a few wobbly steps and leapt off the building to the next two-story roof, using his white tendrils to grasp at anything the other side had to offer.
He swung hitting the wall of the building with a loud grunt before reeling himself upwards to the roof. He reached the top, laying on his side heaving for air, getting a glimpse of Offender… realizing his efforts to flee may just be in vain.*

Offender: *Offender charged forward like an angry bear, his huge size and four legged stance making it easy for him to clear the next gap between the two buildings, with archer barely catching a glimpse of his face,His vibrant pink eyes no longer visible as it seemed Offenders healing was finally catching up with the acid, but he didn’t have time to think about that as the still very visible huge set of teeth in his maw shot forward, aimed straight at archers head*

  Archer: *A split second before the jaws made contact Archer turned away and jolted. A jolt that somehow triggered his teleport reflex. He found himself suddenly airborne for a second, landing on a bonnet of a car in an alley settling it’s alarm off and splattering his blood over the window.
The suspension bounced him off the moment he collided it, hitting the ground. He withered for a moment, the alarm of the car ringing in his head. Using the car to support his weight he lifted himself to his feet, swaying as he struggled to balance his weak body.

He walked down the alley barely lifting his feet as he limped, holding his burning stump with his remaining arm. He found himself an old pickup truck, falling to his knees and shimmering under for cover. It was not the best of places, but he had little choice, he was simply too weak for find a more suitable place. He passed out finally only halfway under the truck, the blood loss taking it’s toll over him.

Offenderman: and there he lay for a good half hour or so, quietly bleeding onto the asphalt,
But no more than that, as the large figure of Offenderman came into view at the end of the alleyway, still in his bestial four legged stance, with a hive of white tendrils lining his back slowly twisting in the air.
Calmly he trots over to where archer lay,  studying him for a moment with his eyeless gaze, before turning his attention to the truck Archer had attempted to hide beneath.

Getting to his feet, he pushed against the truck, easily tipping it onto it’s side, leaving plenty of space for his tentacles to comfortably, and gently, pick up the limp Archer in a way that almost looked like how one might theorize he would pick up a human with broken bones, or a spinal injury, and moving him out of the way of the truck as he let it go, the truck landing heavily back on its four wheels, setting off the car alarm for a split second, but it was quickly disabled as Offender used his slender ability to mess with technology to fry its internal circuitry.

And with that, he teleported away, Archer still held in his spare limbs.

It’s hours maybe even a full day or two before Archer awakes….
on a large bed,
in a dimly lit room,
with his whole body hurting,
and laying right next to a reclining Offenderman, his pose lazy, but in a casually handsome sort of way, with his boots off and his hat and tie on the bed beside him while his coat was only just barely being worn, rather like an open bathrobe, with his arms through the sleeves, but not tied or buttoned up, as he sat there reading some sort of erotic magazine in one hand with a bottle of whiskey in the other, and giving an occasional glance back to the passed out slender beside him.


i perfer to remain anonymous
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i'm an art college student working to try and get into the entertainment industry somehow, either in movies, tv, animation, comics, or videogames. mostly i want to be one of those people who you could see in the credits of some grand piece of entertainment media if you happened to pause at the right moment. to just give a worthwhile contribution so some big popular project that i could be proud of.

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