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Arcanineryu: hi this leann?

Leann: Yep!

Arcanineryu: awesome, so what should we role play?

Leann: Umm...I'm not quite sure yet lol ^^"

Arcanineryu: well heck if I know what to do. I don't really role play besides that one time.
Why don't we just use Smexy. That way, if the story turns out ok, I can put it in the group for people.

Leann: Alrighty, that works for me.

Arcanineryu: you have a character you were planning to use?
Because I swear, just because I'm using Smexy does not mean I want to write porn, although it wouldn't hurt for you to use someone who can defend themselves.

Leann: It's alright, I can understand that ^^
Well I do have a character that can defend herself at least, due do her upbringing she's learned to carry a weapon of sort for caution. Would she work?
Oh, her name is Kallian.

Arc: Uhhhh...... we're talking super strong, fast healing, teleporting, multi-limbed, shape-shifting monster here. She could be packing an ak47 and it wouldn't do her the slightest bit of help
I have been meaning to write the next section for his fan fics. I have the overall story worked out, and if you don't mind a few spoilers, this might help to flesh it out.

Leann: Alrighty, I don't mind ^^

Arc: no wait, that wouldn't work. The story is too, I dunno, not back and forth enough

Leann: Okay
I'll admit though, Kallian is kinda old fashion with weapons and such. She carries around small swords and knifes and such. Thought I'd go ahead and mention that, but continue.

Arc: hmmm. What if we did some sort of marble hornet's thing? But with Smexy?
We would just play ourselves, trying to escape Sexual Offenderman.

Leann: Hmm, I never really play myself in rp's, but it never hurts to try something different. Sure, I'll go for it ^^

Arc: well we don't have to quite be ourselves, but something close I guess. Like classmates or something
That's it! I have our story!!!

Leann: Sweet X3

Arc: we are both student in the same college. We don't know each other very well. My character is pretty much a shut in who seems to be going through some sort of depressive spiral. You can call me Alexis (not my real name, but I figured I'd use something that started with A) alright, now describe your character :3

Leann: Mine would be a somewhat cheerful person, but usually quiet and to herself, but is trying to break out of that, and can be a goof occasionally. You can call me Rosianna. Would that work?

Arc: lol, imma call u rose :3

Leann: Alright X3

Arc: it begins in English class..... So in other words from now on, if u need to talk out of character, use brackets ()! lol

Alexis: I sat in one of the chairs, leaning on the desk, looking and feeling exhausted. I propped my head up with one hand, and in failing to pay attention, I settled for trying to stay awake.
Before long, class was finally over, so I packed my things and hauled myself out of my chair, filing out of the room with the other college students.

Arc: (now u go:3)

Leann: ( okay ^^ )

Rose: I was sitting in the back of the room, halfway paying attention and doing random doodles in my note to make it look as though I was taking notes. When class was finally over I packed my things into my backpack and got up after everyone else was done passing by and walked out with a few stragglers.

Alexis: stumbling almost drunkenly from fatigue, I accidentally elbow another girl as I walk down the hallway, making her drop her notebook, and I apologize profusely as she reaches to pick it up.

Rose: Reaching down and quickly closing her book to hide away the sketches and doodles, feeling embarrassed over them and telling the other girl, " No no, it's alright. No harm was done."

Alexis: but despite her attempts to prevent it, I had seen the sketches and doodles. With tired eyes I look up at her and ask "So are you an art major too?"

Rose: Looking at the girl and realizing she saw the pictures I smile a bit nervously and nods lightly. "Yes, I guess you can tell by the doodles huh? "

Alexis: "I can suspect from the doodles, though I've seen more than one person who was good at drawing but decided not to become an artist, so it's never a guarantee. Personally I don't know what I would do if I didn't become an artist. I just wish it didn't make things so hard for me.
But it's not like I'm good at anything else. So artist it is."

Rose: " Well, then I'm sure you're very talented at art then and will be famous for it." Smiles at the girl. " I've always loved to draw and other forms of art, since I've already been doing it most of my life I might as well make a career out of it. That and I'm not really good on focusing on other topics or studies."

Alexis: "I feel you there." I say covering my mouth as I yawn. "Well, I'm gonna go get something to eat at the cafeteria. See if that helps wake me up."

Rose: " I know the feeling all too well. Mind if I tag along with you?" I say with a small smile*

Alexis: I give her a hard look, considering it for a moment. "Sure, I guess."
we start heading off down the hallway. The cafeteria was a short distance away, but I still tried to make some small talk "So what kind of art are you looking to get into?" but I suddenly stop, saying
"Aww shoot, I have to go to my locker, you don't mind do you?"

Rose: I shake my head some. "Not at all, I got time." Looking at my watch to make sure and follows along.

Alexis: we take a sizable detour to the art building, chatting along the way about art and the like, until we finally reach my locker "Well here it is." I say cheerfully as I work to unlock it, "I just needed to get a few things for my homework. I am so glad I don't have any more classes today, I don't think I could..." But I stop speaking as I open the locker, which was full of rolled up drawings and had a tool box for art supplies, but on top of that, was a bouquet of unnaturally vibrant blue roses, tied together with a black ribbon and leaning against the side of the locker. I look at the bouquet in shock, the flawless blue roses plainly visible to Rose standing beside me.

Rose: I look at the roses in amazement, never seen such vibrant blue on a flower, especially a rose. "Wow...they're so beautiful...I've never seen a rose with such vibrant blue before..."

Alexis: I close the locker door, a look of barely concealed panic on my face as I turn back to you "You know what, I can get my stuff later, and, uhhh… we should really get going." I say, beginning to walk away, trying to get you to follow me without outright saying anything.

Rose: I look back in confusion, wondering what could be wrong and I start to follow along some and tries to get you to say something. "What's wrong? Why are you acting this way all a sudden over some roses?"

Alexis: my mind race's trying to think of a way to cover my tracks "uhhhh... well." I say, subconsciously beginning to walk a little bit faster. "It's not like I just give my locker combinations out to random people. And those roses obviously weren't shoved through the vents on the door or anything."

Rose: Quickening my pace to try and keep up with her, I think it over, and know she has a point about them being shoved in the locker.
"Then how did they get in there?" I ask, Beginning to get curious as to what's happening and wondering what it is that's making her panic the way she is.

Alexis: "....I don't know"
I lie
"But it, uhhhh, creeps me out."

Rose: Getting a hint that she lied and feeling that she knows more than she's letting on. "Roses don't usually creep people out, unless there's a reason for it..."

Alexis: as we turn corner I spy a few red rose petals in our path. I stop dead in my tracks, looking up to see a trail leading into an office next to us, the door wide open.

Rose: Quickly stopping so I don't walk into her and making skidding sounds with my shoes. Looking at her and about to ask why she stopped all a sudden, but looks down to see the rose petals as well and see they lead into the office. "What's with the petals?...Is someone trying to pull a prank or something?..." Being more curious and somewhat nervous, not liking to be kept in the dark.

Alexis: what do I do! What do I do!!! I scream internally. I thought we had a deal! I don't want this.
Should we split up? But then I would be alone, but what if I'm putting her in danger too?
"Uhh, let's ignore it and just go to the cafeteria." I begin to start walking off; glancing behind me to make sure you're still there.

Rose: I stand there tempted to follow the trail and looking into the room, wanting to find out what's going on and half listening to what she says. "Yeah..."

Alexis: we make it the rest of the way to the cafeteria without incident, I finally calm down when we're surrounded by people, and I move to get a tray.

Rose: Thinking over what happened quietly and gets a tray after her and tries to focus a bit on the menu and looking around a bit.

Alexis: I get my food in silence, avoiding eye contact until we take a seat at an empty table nearby. Where I try to strike up small talk, avoiding the subject of the roses
"So I haven't seen you around much. You said you were an art major right?"

Rose: Again I'm only half listening but starts to focus more on the small talk to try not to over think it.
"Huh?...Oh, yeah. I recently transferred from a previous collage. Their art was part of a transfer program, so I transferred here to finish and get my art major. And hopefully get a major in animation afterwards."

Alexis: "You know, I was really thinking about doing animation, what with my love of cartoons and all, but I'm still not quite sure what I want to do yet." I pause, and look away somewhat morosely, as if I suddenly realized something.
"You know what, maybe I should just sit somewhere else" I say, picking up my tray and getting to my feet.

Rose: Looking up at her, confused and wondering if she did something or wrong. "What's wrong with sitting here with me, I thought we were getting along?...Or did I do something wrong?"

Alexis: I look down morosely. I didn't want to be rude, in fact she seemed like someone who I would really like as a friend, but what about HIM? He said he was hanging around to take advantage of all the horny, foolhardy young men and women at the college; would having her as a friend really put her in more danger? The way I see it as long as he keeps coming back to my room the whole school was still in danger, but then again... I don't know. I just don't know.
I sit back down in my seat and bury my face in my hands. Before saying very carefully
"No. it's not you. I'm just having… problems."

Rose: Looking at her as she sits down and buries her face in her hands. "Oh...What kind of problems?...Is there something I could do to help maybe?"

Alexis: "I don't think so. I think this is something I have to do my best to deal with on my own." "Although..."
With a sudden realization I grab my bag and start rummaging through it, pulling out a few sketches of my own and putting them on the table. They appeared to be anatomy studies, the faces were always left blank but that wasn't unusual for this sort of thing, except for a few, which had a broad, sharp toothed smile drawn across them, or else wore a hat. Although one seemed to be an especially realistic drawing of a tall man in a trench-coat and fedora, the most unnerving thing about it being numerous white tentacles that seemed to sprout from his back "Can you draw some of these for me?"

Rose: Looking at the pictures she laid out on the table, being curious and interested and studying them a bit. Then looking at the one that seemed more unnerving, somewhat creeped out but intrigued me and I nod to her question.
"Sure, it shouldn't be that much or hard to do, at least I don't think so." Already getting her usual drawing itch and rummages through her bag for her sketch book. "Is there a curtain time or day you need some sketches?"

Alexis: "As soon as possible." I reply, relieved at her willingness to make the drawings "although if you don't get any finished by sundown I would just wait until tomorrow before giving them to me."

Rose: Already getting a few quick sketches to get and idea of what she's drawing and such. Drawing various body structures and poses along with the hat and coat, etc.
"Oh, I think you'll have some sketches before then. I usually don't take long when I get the urge or motivation." Starting on a new page after a moment. "Is this a character you made up for a project or something?"

Alexis: "it's an, uhh... request."

Rose:" Alright..." Setting the sketch pad down on the table after a minute or so and continues to draw out the figure. Already having a body structure drawn out and now working on the clothes. Letting her look so she can correct her if she isn't drawing something right.

Alexis: "He doesn't wear a shirt or pants under the trench coat" I point out, seeing the shirt collar drawn beneath the tie.
"and you're drawing the tie too thin" (:3)

Leann: (X3 )

Rose: " Okay..." Correcting what she did wrong and fixing it, soon drawing out the finished result and moves her hand away for her to look. "Does this look like the way you wanted?"

Alexis: "I think that will work just fine." I say with a smile. "Maybe now I can finally get some sleep."

Rose:  "I'm glad I was able to help out." I smile and give her the drawing and some of the sketches I made. "Just let me know when you help with drawing or anything, I'll be glad to help."

Alexis: "Thanks. I'll probably have to call you up on that sometime soon." I say with a smirk. The rest of the meal passes rather uneventfully. The two of them chatting about the collage life and themselves for a good time.
(If there's anything you want to bring up before they leave now's the time.)

Leann: ( I can't really think of anything, everything she needs she carries in her bag or leaves in the car to get later since she couldn't afford to keep up with a locker. )

Alexis: (mmk) The cafeteria is all but deserted when they pack up and prepare to leave, bringing their trays and silverware over to the counter to be washed and beginning to part ways as they leave, when you notice a single absolutely flawless long steamed red rose sitting on one of the tables. You don't recall it being there before, while I seem not to have noticed it, too busy saying my farewell's as I passed it.

Rose: I say my farewell and look at the rose curiously, wondering who might have left it or forgot about it. I gradually walk towards the table, looking around to see if there's anybody else around and then looking back at the rose, finding it to be very beautiful but doesn't pick it up yet. Just looking at it to see if there's a tag or name with it or something of the like.

Alexis: I turn back around, my eyes following the direction of your gaze to the rose on the table. My eyes widen in fear and I rush back towards you shouting "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!!"

Rose: I jump a bit in shock from her shouting I quickly pull my hand back and backs away from it a bit, leaving it on the table. I only barely touched it as I look at her in confusion and shock. "What? Why?..You act like it's a bomb or something..." Getting a feeling she did something wrong.

Alexis: the lights flicker for a moment before steadying again, adding to my already rising panic. I quickly close the distance between us, saying in a "You didn't touch it did you?"
The lights flicker again, gaining some confused looks from the various lunch workers that remained in the cafeteria
I continue in a deadly serious tone, "We have to get out of here. Now."

Rose: Really getting a nervous now I take a few steps back from the rose. "Okay..." I reply, looking around and starts to make my way out.

Alexis: I follow close beside, eyes darting around for any signs of him. "Where's a place that's full of people at this time of day?" I ask.

Rose: " Besides a classroom? There's the library or the student lounge or even out in the plaza. There's usually people there hanging out or studying together." Looking around nervously a bit.

Alexis: I tried to remember which one was closest to us. That would have to be the student lounge; there should be plenty of students milling about there. We just have to get there without ever going unseen. I pick up my speed, saying "You have to be honest with me. Did you touch the rose?"

Rose: Trying to keep up with her and nervously speaking. "Well...only..just barely....I didn't even pick it up...I'm sorry I didn't know what to think or do..." Having regret in her voice and wishing she knew better than to touch it.

Alexis: "I hope it's not enough to count." but then a thought occurred to me. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to run away from him. Maybe if I tried to talk to him, it would give her enough time to get away. Maybe I could convince him to leave her alone. I stop beside a fork in the path, which leads down a deserted hallway, and I look to you, saying
"Keep going, don't stop until you're surrounded by people. Do not run, but walk as quickly as you can to the student lounge. Whatever you do, don't ask me why. Just go."

Rose: Looking at her and starting to have a worried look but nods, feeling she has no right to argue at the moment since she screwed up. "Okay...But what about you?..."

Alexis: "Just go, hurry!" I begin walking down the empty hallway.

Rose: Jumps a bit and nods, just does as she's told and walks down the hall towards the lounge, walking as quick as she can.

Smexy: "Oh no you don't." says a menacing, yet at the same time playful, masculine sounding voice which echo's from the hallway
Alexis: "SMEXY NO!" I shout as a bunch of long startlingly white tentacles whip out from the empty hallway and wrap around you, with one wrapping around your mouth to stifle the screams as you are pulled, quick as a flash, around the corner. You're filled with sheer terror as you see the massive creature. Its spidery arms and legs mixed with its distorted human proportions making it so tall and thin, it had to lean over to fit in the hallway; a mass of writhing, pale white tentacles filling the rest of the hallway around him. It seemed to wear a long black trench coat, and its head, it didn't have a face. Instead there was a broad smile which seemed to take up about half of where his face should have been, filed with sharp teeth which neatly fitted together for what you could imagine would make for an almost scissor like bite, the black fedora on its head seeming to accentuate that its gaze was turned on her.
You could see that it held me in one of its arms almost like a large doll as I struggled to try and push myself out of its grip. Suddenly, a bizarre feeling washes over you, and we are no longer in the hallway. Instead, we seemed to be in a dimly lit boiler room, where it released the two of us.

Alexis: "What the hell Smexy!" I say angrily "I thought we had a deal!"

Sexual Offenderman: "You're right, we do have a deal. But you aren't keeping your word." He replies, not sounding malicious or anything, but almost like he was playfully scolding her.

Alexis: "What are you talking about? You said if I would keep making you drawings and the like you would leave me alone!"

Smexy: "And you agreed you wouldn't try to cock-block me."

Alexis: I'm at a loss for words. He was right. That was part of their deal, a deal that he threatened to break every single day. I think hatefully.

Smexy: moving with liquid grace bedside me he says "But hey, I'm a reasonable guy. I know there might have been some confusion on the subject. So consider this your warning. You try to stop me again and we're going to start having issues."
His smile widens as some of the numerous tentacles across his back start to reach for you
I stand in their way.

Alexis: "But you gave me those roses. You can't just do that."
With inhuman fluidity he closes the distance between us, until his face was inches from my own.
Smexy : "Au contraire. You said I could have you if you agreed to it, you never said I couldn't give you that option."
his tentacles reach around me for you
"NO! I can't let you do that!" I shout

Rose: I stand there in silence, terror, and confusion. Backing up to the wall with what space there is, trying to get away from the tentacles. Trembling a bit, feeling there's no way out of this.

Alexis: "Wait!" I take my backpack off, frantically searching through my bag "look!" he turns his head, I hold out the sketches you made to him "she's an artist too! She was more than happy to draw these for Me." he turns more, his spine bending like a snakes as he leans in closer to see the pictures in the dim light. "This was why you left me alone isn't it? Well she can do it too. I would even say that she can do it better than I can! she could draw for you instead. You wouldn't need me anymore."
he looks at me somewhat quizzically.
Smexy: "You looking for a way out of your deal?"
I stutter and fumble over my answer, somewhat ashamed that I could suggest you deal with this monster instead of me. He grins wide, shrinking down somewhat to more human proportions as he slings an arm around my shoulder playfully.
Smexy: "Tempting, but I think I'll stick with what I've got. Call me crazy, but I've taken a real shine to you. And we've still got a game to play. I would hate to walk away in the middle of it. "
"speaking of which..." he says turning back to you, I start to panic again.

Alexis: "please, don't! I get it, I won't try and stop you anymore!"

Smexy: "Well you're trying to stop me now. That doesn't sound like someone who's learned their lesson." a hint of anger starting to show in his voice.

Alexis: "Please, I don't want to have to see that." i beg, tears forming in my eyes.

Smexy: "Well too-Fucking-bad."

Arc: (i don't like where this is going :( let me think of a way to stop him for a minute. any suggestions would be helpful .)

Leann: ( I don't really have any ideas on how to stop a sex crazed monster or anything, sorry :c Somehow I don't really see a way out of it, It seems like a tight deal to me. )

Arc: ( :( )

Arcanineryu: ( I'm really sorry.)

Leann: ( It's alright, stuff happens :c Maybe mine can butter him up with figure drawings and hope for the easy way out or something I don't know. )

Arcanineryu: .......

Alexis: the next day neither of us show up for any of our classes. I spend the entire day locked in my dorm room, terrified and in shock of what I had to witness. I still can't sleep, not after that.
You turned up the next day unharmed and mostly naked on a tennis court with no knowledge of having ever met him, but an investigation is still set into motion while you are treated for a possible rape, though thankfully you show no physical signs of it.
I sit on my bed and stare at the wall blankly for hours, taking no notice when a warm body sits down beside me. Wrapping me in its arms and nuzzling against the crook of my neck with a satisfied purr.
I shut my eyes tight and try to turn away from him, but he just holds on tighter.
Smexy: Sleeeeeep....
I could feel myself drifting off in his arms, the familiar smell of roses surrounding me. And so I finally pass out, for a fitful sleep, filled with nightmares of him, even as he held me so tenderly, humming a soft melody as I slept.
this is another role play i was asked to do, this time with :iconleann202: it doesn't have anything to do with the previous role play, and to be honest I'm not quite happy with how ended, but it guess it was either that or have Smexy break character.

there are a few small changes from the original role play, but most of them just have to do with grammar, so yeah, here it is!
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ashbug4000 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey! :D May I roleplay with you?
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student General Artist
do you have a specific storyline? because if it's just interacting with your oc's ill have to pass.

but if you think you've got a good story that would work well as one of these role plays i release to the fans then let me hear it, and i'll consider if it's worth pulling time from my other projects to have you help me write it.
ashbug4000 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I was thinking about a common type of enviorment in the roleplay, like what i was think was In my bed room XD, I usually draw on my computer he has been stalking for a while now and he makes his appearance at that moment and it goes on from there.
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student General Artist
hmmmmmmmmmm....... I could work with that.
Talk to me again in about 3 weeks if you're still interested by then, since I'm going to be super busy with exams and wont have any free time for role play until then.
ashbug4000 Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
*three weeks later* XD Okie dokie :3
arcanineryu Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Student General Artist
I was so wrong, I still don't have enough free time for an rp.
ashbug4000 Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Awe, Ok
ashbug4000 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Okie dokie :D
SageOffender Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing! I love the detail! 
Dragon-Eve-Love Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
whoa u r good can i do one w/ you sometime? i could bring in my oc (dont have it on da but drawn it before) she is an awesome shapeshifter she can got from human (normal) to any kind of dragon at any given time. rp is awesome
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks! but i dont think i really have the time at the moment. ive got a ton of people asking me to rp and ive got so much else to do.
Dragon-Eve-Love Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
:C i understand. but when you do have time. ....
prlnce-kltten Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Let me know if your ever bored ^^ I'd love to do a Rp with you on this with Smexy ^^
InvaderSpotty Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I could RP with you xD

I've done a few RPs in my time, but none would EVER compare to a Smexy one xDDDDD
Nami-no-Hanna Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
1 real good excuse for not going out at night....
AssemblerOfSouls Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehe, Smexy actually made me feel nervous. Almost like dealing with a devil, if you ask me, and that's scary business.

It was short, and sure Smexy got his way, but I think that's what makes this one so good.
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student General Artist
as much as i didn't want to put Leann in that situation, i was glad to finally give people a solid look at the darker side of Smexy, that i could never really show without his charming and funny personality diluting how terrifying he can be.
i mean, this is basically an overview of my role play story i use for my deviantart for when people wish to speak directly to smexy, which happens a lot :grump: the idea is that as long as i keep creating artwork for him, and spread it around, he will keep his distance.
Being the sort of person i am, i cant help but think of all the disturbing or hilarious outcomes that could come from that sort of deal. as i have mentioned previously, if there's one thing i'm good at, its fleshing stuff out.
AssemblerOfSouls Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think what would make him scarier is if he had a bit more of a temper. After all, he doesn't like it when people get in the way of his prey, just like what happened to that little girl who thought he was a fairy, lol. If he were more impatient when people try weaseling their way out (just like what happened near the end), he'd seem more unpredictable.

However, it's hard to imagine him killing someone or eating them because they got in his way, or continuously denied his offer, or dragged things along in hopes to find a loophole. Even when he does snap a bit, it's easy to forgive him. Unless, of course, you find his mood-swings a bit off-putting...

I actually find it fascinating when something gets him hot and bothered, like offering a chance to kill Slendy. It makes me want to know what else would throw his sociable demeanor out the window like that. At the same time, though, I'd rather he remained in a good mood because of what he is.

So, I guess, even if he seems so cool, the thought of him suddenly having the urge to kill because he's a slender would always remain in the back of everyone's mind. Like worrying that a friendly dog would kick into their basic instincts, for whatever reasons, and viciously attack without warning.
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Student General Artist
i just have to say, i love it when i get these long comments like this. and yeah i see what you mean. i actually kind of subtly addressed this in the story with the little girl. most of the time, when he does get mad, libido has a tendency to take over, so like how his mind went from murder to sex so quickly when he snapped at the girl.
so basically sex is his answer to just about every problem.
as time went on i guess i sort of subconsciously tried to have him take the position of "lesser of two evils" but i think once he gets popular enough to be taken out of my hands, he will darken considerably. hell, probably even before then.
its not that he doesn't kill people or do really sick and sadistic things, its that i haven't told you about them. because to be honest, i am not comfortable in being his creator. its just not the kind of person i am.
in fact a lot of what makes him, HIM actually stems from how much i did not want to have anything to do with him. i mean tentacle rape monster isn't something i want to get popular for, so he actually had to go through a lot of critiquing to prove himself to me as something i shouldn't be completely ashamed of. Or do everything i could to get rid of.
AssemblerOfSouls Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see what you mean. If I were in your shoes, I'd be doing the same. Though, as a fan of how he's turned out from a simple joke, he's quite an amazing character. He's just as interesting as Slenderman, and I was a fan of the guy before he became this well-known.

As terrifying, almost saddening, as it is to know that Smexy will eventually become something ominous, I actually can't wait. In fact, as I mentioned before, I'll see if I can help. Just like vampires, I like to remind myself that they're something to be terrified of. People these days may find sparkly vampire sexy, but they're still monsters no matter how they're portrayed.

Slenders are a forced to be reckoned with, and Smexy is probably the worst of them all. Splendorman may have episodes that scare Slenderman, and Slendorman may be stronger than Smexy, but the seemingly friendly and sexy slender is a psychopath addicted to sex. Eventually, he may get bored and kick things up a notch. He's only been around for a short time, so he's just barely getting a taste of what the world has to offer.

Hopefully I can fuel that madness a bit. :D
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Student General Artist
that's actually a great analogy, i just might have to use that later on in trying to explain him to people. :D
and i cant wait to see what you come out with. i swear i'm starting to get addicted to fanart. i mean before this, i only had about, 6 fanarts, total. but now its like BOOM! thirty fanarts in 2 weeks,
and i love them all :meow:
Rin-Lombardi Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
... Dat Ending. .-.
MelodyMoose Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You could have tried to pull a "billy goats bluff" trick on him. Probably wouldn't have worked, tho. :(
Leann202 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student General Artist
X3 This was fun, and you managed to pull the scary side of smexy into it, awesome. :3
Kalliely Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Oh holy crap this is so intense, I can't even. AS much as Smexy comepletely intrigues me if I ever met him like this, I'd be scared shitless LOL.

Great Rp, I likes ti c:
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student General Artist
OMG! that was exactly what i was going for!:squee:
looks like I'm sucking less as a writer than i thought
Kalliely Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Oh shut up! I read your fictions on him and they were so bootiful! They're actually what I go back to as I'm writing the sceond part of my own story. I looooove your writing. :iconlaplz:
Klayfrog Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like ya'll had fun with this. :meow: I wish I could partake in these, but the only original character I have on deviant art is my avatar. And me, as a person, am just too ridiculous. :XD: I'd probably say something stupid to smexy like "Ooh, you work out. How much can you lift, bro?"
Blackgaara3 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
it's raping time
Rin-Lombardi Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
... I Choked on Soda At This Comment. 8D
Blackgaara3 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
woops XD;
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