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WolfinaTheGreat Featured By Owner Edited Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I still don't know why they targeting Smexy like he is a bad guy. Yet they still praise Quagmire like a "Sex God" or something. 
cutewerewolfgirl Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
People who these this comment be warned to not call Offenderman a promotion for rape. He is actually theraputic and makes depressed people laugh
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student General Artist
that's not a very strong argument, you're relying on the expectation that just "making people happy" is enough, but forgetting that people can be made happy through some pretty despicable means.
like should we let the bully hurt others because it helps them with their own mental trauma and makes them feel better to take out their aggression on others?
Don't assume that just because it's helping some people that it isn't coming at the expense of others.

if rape victims are the one's who are potentially being harmed, then you have to argue why the character helps rape victims.

Yes, there might be a lot of overlap between rape victims and depressed people, but not all depressed people are rape victims, and depressed people aren't the ones who could be at the greatest risk for being insulted by the character, which unfortunately, makes them largely irrelevant in the argument Of whether or not Offender could be a promotion for rape.

i know ive made a bunch of arguments as to why Offender is potentially beneficial for rape victims before, but im having a hard time finding one for you to read at the moment.
I think the best option is to look through my Offenderman tumblr ask blog for long blocks of text that don't have to do with back and forth role playing. those are typically offender explanations, and many of them often have to do with his relation to real life rape victims and the benefits he can provide.
cutewerewolfgirl Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student General Artist
it's alright, I can see you're getting better about this sort of stuff.
cutewerewolfgirl Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
mentospooties Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice rape promotion you inconsiderate piece of shit.
BMSkittlez Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have You Even Studied The Character Before Judging
Character??? CHECK Before you Judge How Bout Ya?!?
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Student General Artist
if you honestly believe that then you haven't actually taken a good look at my character and his fandom.
did you just look at the words sexual offenderman and then jump to conclusions?
If so then calm down, and allow me to explain the facts.

Because while Sexual Offenderman may be a parody of Slenderman, he is also one of the most explicit demonisation's of rape of pretty much any popular characters that can be found at the moment.
Offenderman is an antagonist. a supernatural horror monster that encourages people to regard rape as a legitimate vehicle for horror, and for many who are so completely unfamiliar with rape, the character encourages AT THE VERY LEAST that they begin to trigger warn their fan works with rape and sexual assault warnings, rather than just blindly regarding any sexual content as erotic porn.
the character is pretty much designed to give people a greater understanding of rape, in an environment where they can be allowed to mess up a few times, but are encouraged to be more conscious of their mistakes and learn from them without resorting to bullying through a number of effects built right into the character.

1. right from the beginning, people interested in becoming fans of the character are told in one way or another, that an accurate depiction of how terrible sexual assault can be, equals showing the most possible respect for the character, and examples of offenderman being portrayed in a horrific manner overall get the most praise from the fandom.
unlike in most sexualised characters, this mentality is actually pervasive through the offenderman fandom.
and so essentially, treating rape with respect and accuracy, equals treating the character with respect, and making the best possible fan works for the fandom.

2.  it directly targets those most likely to have very flawed concepts of rape, with the character being entertaining enough that they are encouraged to stick around long enough to fix a number of their misconceptions, and ENCOURAGE them for being more knowledgeable about rape, rather than simply putting them down for once holding certain misconceptions.
I mean honestly, what sort of crowd do you think a tentacle rape monster named Sexual Offenderman would draw in?
Because it's almost never a bunch of people looking to regard rape as horror, but rather it's typically people who want to regard rape as porn.
And cant you agree that these sort of people could use a wake up call?
And what better way to give it to them, then with a character that will look appealing at first, but will slowly pull the rug out from under them?
No people spitting curses at them to change their ways
no bullying them for their misconceptions,
Just a character they weren't expecting that encourages them to regard the subject of rape with more tact and respect.

3. the character has such a blatantly descriptive name, that no matter how lazy or amateurish the artist is when it comes to trigger warning their work, as long as they include the characters name somewhere prominent then those stumbling upon the character will almost never have to get blindsided by sexual content, because the name itself acts as an effective warning.
so as much as the characters name might be embarrassing to say aloud, it helps to keep everyone safer, both for artists and viewers.
it also helps to keep the fandom on track in encouraging them to actually deal with themes of sexual assault and the problems thereof, rather than skewing off in a random direction, because the character's name literally means sex offender or "person who abuses sex/is a rapist".
In other words, his name is literally rapist-man, which means fans will always have to face the fact that he is indeed a rapist
not a lover, or just some hot kinky beast, but a rapist.
So even at the smallest levels, the fandom is self regulating in the simple fact that if you aren't portraying the character as a rapist, and don't explicitly state that you are aware of his rapist nature, but have decided not to portray it in this particular piece of literature or artwork, then you get people asking why he isn't being depicted as a sex offender which leads to people having to better understand what a sex offender is in order to use the character correctly.

4. he's actually proved pretty helpful for a number of of victims of rape.
For some of them, since there's really aren't many characters within fiction that are explicitly rapist villain characters, they find it comforting to have a fictional character be a villain all about how rape, sexual assault, emotional abuse, and all those things are horrible things. especially for the younger ones, im sad to say i have encountered a number of them, they find it helpful to be provided with a clear "bad guy", especially those who have had to face abusers who never answer for their crimes.
Most of the other victims who came to me about Sexual Offenderman, were typically more on the side of thankful that the character is forcing people to deal with concepts of sexual assault. Ive had people say to me that even getting people to label acts of rape, as rape is a small victory they don't often see in their media, especially in their fictional ones.
The rest who reveal themselves as sexual assault victims, typically reveal themselves during times of fandom strife in order to defend the character and people's right's to be allowed to deal with sexual assault in their work.
although surprise surprise, the Sexual Offenderman fandom has actually proven to be a really peaceful place all things considered. we've really only had one big fandomwide dispute in it's entire history. and people like you attempting to put down the fandom, or "haters" as they're typically called usually only pop up about once every 2-3 months, and are usually quickly silenced when rape victims show up to demand they stop being such a tool not recognizing a largely positive thing when they see it.
BMSkittlez Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My Friend :iconwolfpliergirl26: And I LOVE Offenderman!!!!
He's Amazing! -and between you and me I doodle him up at lunch in the cafeteria
cause I think he's that awesome!- Sorry I Sound Fangirl-ish But I
Love Him So Much!!!!
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