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MeKaiya Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist
I thank you for Offenderman!
I love this character!
And congratulation that he is so popular!
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student General Artist
You're welcome, and im glad to have amused so many people :3

I just hope i'll successfully make the most of the support and minor internet fame the character has brought me. I'm really trying to have the whole "Sexual Offenderman" thing be as positive an impact as possible.
SketchNinjaHD Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
not a very observant person are you?
I'd almost be offended if your claim wasn't so stupid.

How about I clear things up for you?

I write a story about a girl having to deal with the presence of a tentacle rapist monster named sexual offenderman, which through a number of slap-dash deals with the monster, is now locked in a stalemate with it.
With offenderman not being able to rape her, but still posing an immense threat, as he still holds the ability to hurt her and just about everyone around her that she cares about.
however, for whatever reason, offenderman made the decision to instead have it be a battle of wills between the two of them, so for now it's just a matter of seeing who will break first, with the odds not being in the girls favor.

that's what im doing here, and that's what the artwork is for.
it's for a story about a supernatural rapist, as seen through the eyes of a young woman who's life and mental well-being he puts at risk for his own sick amusement.

to this day, Ive had over a dozen victims of rape come forward to me to thank me for having made such a character and the stories I included him in.
People who recognized that even though I was dealing with a subject very sensitive to them, that I was willing to try and put in the effort to treat the topic of rape with respect within my work, and thanked me for that, some even calling the character therapeutic to them.
I continue doing what I am doing with this character because they have given me their blessing and encouragement that I continue.
And I value the opinion of the actual victims who have come forward to speak with me than the likes of you.
Someone who probably just saw the name "Sexual Offenderman" and nothing else, be decided that it was enough to call someone something as despicable as a rapist, as if using the term so TRIVIALLY would actually help those who have been victims of it, rather than just diminish the term like some common insult.
Or personally wish that someone become a victim of rape, as if it didn't make you a despicable monster for ever wishing that kind of pain on someone.
As if wishing that someone be raped would ever make you a more noble person than the person you were hoping to condemn.

So no, I don't take either of those things as a personal insult, it's useless to be offended when you clearly only come here to insult yourself.

So don't come here screeching your own stupidity about the sensitive topic of rape to me when out of the two of us, I'm probably the only one putting in an effort to change things for the better. because guess what? I didn't ask to have to deal with this character and the horrific topics surrounding him, I simply responded to the request of the 5000 or so people who asked it of me, and decided to use the opportunity to encourage that they all treat the topic with more respect within their own works of art and literature.

So, either actually do some research and actually treat me and my work with maturity and respect next time you have a complaint, or get out.
Because I will not waste my time on bratty morons who refuse to see and inch in front of their nose.
SketchNinjaHD Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Stupid, eh?

You are really off the hook, eh?


hey, man, I'm a grade above my age, in advanced every class, living in Montgomery county, worst grade in LIFE= A-.

And you?

Probs not in advanced

or a grade above


Just please stop, My friend was over when I found you, and she was raped B4, and, wellllllll...she was pretty offended.
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student General Artist
yeah? and I'm a college art student who got bumped up a grade in kindergarten and has been "a grade above my age", since I was 5.
and I'll tell you now, I wouldn't consider any of the things you listed as bragging rights unless I was in 16 or lower.
But as a 20 year old college student? It only makes me think less of you, and gives me the idea that you are too immature to even be here on my page in the first place.

Honestly how old are you? as to be so naive as to think that getting straight A's in your classes is enough to wow me with your "intelligence"?
the school grading system is based almost entirely off of memory and information retention, which is only one of about 8 category's by which intelligence is measured.

So telling me "I'm good at taking tests and doing math"?
it's irrelevant information
And I'd recommend you be wary of trying to stake your own personal worth and level of intelligence on something so infantile as the grade's you've earned in school ever again outside of school itself.
So for example, a better thing to use as proof of your intelligence and competency?

I just finished my second year of college, and by the end of my third year I will probably be the owner of my very own independent computer game development company, have published 2 books, and made a name for myself with over 5000 people across the globe. And that's in one year, and I'm not even out of school yet.

So tell me? what are you good at besides school? what kind of database of knowledge have you personally taken upon yourself to study outside of the largely trivial, forgettable stuff they purposely try to teach you throughout most of your time at school?
Because even with your "straight A's" mentality, you still lose,
Because I'm a college student, and sure, i'm not top of my class, but i never really get any lower than a B,
And those are the A's and B's of year levels way ahead of yours.
meaning I beat you with experience,
Because I'm beating you with a grade level not "A year" but YEARS above your grade level.

And as far as stopping goes?
Well to be honest, the more you talk, the more it seems like you need to be set straight for your own good, before you get blindsided, and risk becoming a failure in your life.
a useless human being, too egotistical to learn any better or see the things a few inches past your nose.

and when it comes to your friends opinion?
Well, are you familiar with a term called experimenter bias? in which the one holding the experiment changes the outcome, or interpretation of the outcome in an experiment in order to fit their own personal beliefs and biases?

How could I truly believe your claim that your friend who was once a victim of sexual assault was legitimately offended by my work, when you blatantly point out that they got all their information, THROUGH YOU.
You, who has a CLEAR BIAS against my work.
not in a non-biased way in which they would be allowed to come to their own conclusions, conclusions which you yourself probably havent even properly come to yourself since I see no proof of you having even ever read any of my work, not even with the word bubbles in the comics.

So you have no proof of research, your argument for your legitimacy is invalid, you show a clear lack of experience/understanding with the topic, which further lessens your legitimacy within the argument, and your evidence is poor at best, as you don't provide any proof for it either, and you seem to be at that age and maturity in which you would absolutely make up a fictitious character to try and back yourself up.

address all those issues above and then maybe your agreement would be passable, but as it stand currently?
I would put your argument at about a D+
For turned it in of acceptable length, but failed to meet any of the other requirements of the assignment.
SketchNinjaHD Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh yeah?

Me in high school, 16, going to MIT at 17, cuz I got into it. Beat that, hmm???
arcanineryu Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Well then, let's just hope your field of study is specialized enough to cater to your "genius", such as the many fields based heavily upon mathematics.

Best you get into something that wont be impaired by people consistently mistaking you for a twelve year old in casual conversation.
Like basically any field of work or study that requires you to be able to gain, well, much of any respect from others.

Like the people in charge of those "naive young mental powerhouses".
The ones leading hundreds, if not thousands of willing human minds eager to follow their every word out of respect and admiration or even fear.
People like me.

But of course, you might be one of the rare few to avoid that hmm?
But I wouldn't bet much money on it.
So, when the years go by, and you get yourself a job that properly exploits your talents, go ahead and take a good look at the bosses in charge of you, with higher salaries than you, who's names carry more respect than yours does, and if they happen to seem a lot more like me than they do you?
Well, give yourself a hearty mental "I told you so" from me.
That girl you tried to call a rapist, who thought you were a twelve year old moron online.

And probably still thinks that you're a twelve year old moron.
SketchNinjaHD Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Meep. I'm not as "Formal" on the internet on sites like these.

You should see my emails and documents and stuff like that. -_-

OK, I have to go study, bai.
Eeveeon55 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Don't listen to him, I love your ideas!!
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